Gobelins – Orientation Week

I will do my best to update this space on a weekly basis. Here’s an early one…

Today is Wednesday and the first few days of school are going by EXTREMELY slowly. There are so many new experiences to take in that my brain feels like months have passed, when it has only been days – new city, new language, new schedule, new food, new everything. Attempting to process a foreign language is taxing it extra hard, and making me surprisingly tired every evening.

But, overall the experience is amazing and I am doing well. It is difficult to understand French speakers but I can get by most of the time and communicate what I need. But it’s not always a smooth delivery.

The first day they divided us into groups, making sure each had a new student representing each of the school’s different programs. They then gave each of us a few assignments to work on. The people outside my program (3D Animator) are all college-aged kids and are confused when I tell them I’m not in my 20’s. Fortunately, the ones in my program are much like me – professionals, with years of experience, who believe in continual education and seeking new experiences. My classmate, Daniel from Brazil, is a fellow Animation Mentor alum!

The second day they showed us past student work from each departments. Really top-notch stuff! Here are some examples:

  • Fol’Amor – really well-done short (looks 2D but is 3D)
  • Holy Sheep – bumper for the 2012 Annecy Animated Film Festival
  • Dreamy – an app/game for hospitalized children
  • Type:Rider – a mobile platformer game
  • Lantern – bed time story night light app for children

As far as student work goes, the quality is quite high. I can see why Gobelins is respected as an art school and am really happy to be a part of it!