Back to School

Some 24 years ago was the first September I went to school. I was 7. Tomorrow, it begins again! I am sitting in an apartment located in the 13th arrondisement of Paris on the eve of Integration Week – the introductory week for my newest educational institution, Gobelins, l’école d’image.

Today I flew in from Sofia, via Vienna. Risking life and limb, I decided to check what the status of Uber in Paris was these days. I’d like to report that they still run despite the Parisian cabbies’ riots from 2 months ago.

I’m now writing from my AirBnB apartment on the 5th floor, an 8-minute walk from school. I timed it earlier, though I was probably walking unrealistically fast since I had not dressed appropriately for the chilly night the setting sun brought. After some fast grocery shopping, much-needed face-stuffing, a quick walk to find the school for tomorrow morning, and some light unpacking of my enormous suitcases to find the essentials for sleep, I am now ready to hit the hay and recharge for yet another educational beginning in my life.

At the end of every post I will include a collection of photos to better illustrate my experiences.